“You will recognize them by their fruits” (Mt 7 20)

A lay person’s open letter to Bishop Fellay, Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X

Your Excellency,

our chapel has now been impacted by the purging actions that had started to shake the Society of Saint Pius X from inside some two years ago, from Australia to Columbia and South-Korea to Paraguay. In the last two years you have been approached by a countless number of priests, theologians and specialists of the Church who have expressed their opinions with great expertise. I am but a lay person, the kind that has encountered tradition as a result of using her brains, learning, reading, gathering information, looking for directions to an appropriate faith and the truth i.e.: the ultimate good, who is – as explained to his faithful by P. Altamira recently – Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself who said: “I am the Truth, also the Road, also the Life.”
     However, I have not only been searching for the truth but – once found it at the Society of Saint Pius X 19 years ago – also wanted to preserve it. In other words, I considered it my task to get information, think and use my common sense.

19 years ago I was touched and convinced the most by order and truth in relation to the Society of Saint Pius X. These two can only exist together, supporting one another as justice can only function in order. As the years passed by I realized with pain that one of these two solid bases, the order started to corrupt allowing a liberal approach to penetrate, an unnecessary permissiveness which is but a denial of the original sin and its consequence, men’s natural inclination to sin. This has lead to a slow but ever intensifying infiltration of the modernist approach into the society. And as order and the desire for order have decreased within the society have truth and the desire for the truth diminished as well. They have been taken up by an unconditional loyalty, ’love’, a tame indulgence towards those breaking the order publicly and deliberately.
     In other words, these were the elements most wanted by the modernists, the elements claimed fundamental of the Catholic Faith by the modernists. This tendency started to evolve much earlier though, by means of visibly giving up the truth and starting negotiations with Rome sunk in apostasy. Even more, this could only occur because its firm support, the order swayed and then disappeared completely. In other words, giving up to protect the truth is a logical and inevitable consequence of the giving up of order.

Being a lay person, it is not my task to list all the arguments that are against your reconciliation with modernist Rome and the steps you have taken to make it happen. Let alone, many people have already done so on the internet. As a lay person I would rather describe what a terrible, devastating effect the behavior of the priests of SSPX, especially those high-ranking had on us faithful – primarily the ones among us who are driven by principle in clinging to the 2000-year old magistery of the Church, rather than interest or nostalgia.

I recall how so much the articles on theology published in the society’s papers, the explanations and the homilies meant to me at the time I got acquainted with SSPX, the society that showed us the right way and allowed us to discern among the novelties arriving from Rome and most importantly, as emphasized as first by Archbishop Lefebvre: showed us the way of maintaining our faith at any price. If comparing for instance the writings published in Mitteilungsblatt at the end of the 90’s to those published in it in the last three years or the articles on www.pius.info my heart is weeping! However one might guess there was no way further down, no way to succumb more to Rome then, the articles of the following days prove the contrary i.e. we have not yet reached the bottom of the abyss! All I learned at the Society of Pius X at the beginning is now being desecrated in various publications day by day! Archbishop Lefebvre had been attacking for years those traditionalist societies that in one way or another compromised with Rome then, for the same reason you had been attacking the so called Ecclesia Dei communities that although they celebrated the Catholic Mass, taught the Catholic catechism but abandoned criticism i.e. to defend the Catholic faith! You, most appropriately, imprinted in us that the two: Catholic Faith and its defense can in no way be separated from one another. Now, however, when there are things happening in the Church every day that no one, not even in his wildest dreams could ever have imagined, you are not only keeping silent but inform on these events in a way not even the most modernist media would do. It is only the authors of www.pius.info that call Bergoglio consequently by a duplicate name: Holy Father Pope Francis (Heiliger Vater Papst Franziskus)!

The disintegration of order, the giving up of the defense of faith and battle for the glorious Kingdom of Jesus, the dilution of the doctrines and grave breach of order of Confession and Communion (going as far as an open desecrelage) have resulted in a deep depression amongst true faithful and a watering down of the quality of certain communities.
     Two years, ago, however, it became obvious that all those were really nothing compared to the damage caused by your and your leadership’s recent behavior. During these two years we have witnessed that the desire for destruction you and your ’sons’ have shown towards those members of yours and priests who might have been opposing to one or more of the above phenomena, has by far not lessened. The hatred you have been chasing and punishing the priests with who have dared or still dare to contradict you is greater than in the once communist countries during the Soviet rule!
     We must admit that Father Pinaud is right when saying that – and especially if we consider your letter written to Benedict XVI on June 17th, 2012 – this hatred cannot be explained by anything else than the fact that you haven’t given up on your insane plan yet not even during these, Bergoglio’s times,: „Unfortunately, in the current context of the Society, the new declaration will not be feasible. (…) and I have committed myself in this perspective (a practical agreement without any consense on the doctrine) despite the fairly strong opposition in the ranks of the Society and at the price of substantial disruption. And I fully intend to continue to do my best to pursue this path to reach the necessary clarifications”.

Another reason for your hatred might potentially be some kind of defect. The hatred you are chasing those that dare to contradict you resembles that of tyrants in history – and I almost forgot: that of Bergoglio in these days. It is horrifying to see this let alone experiencing it from close. How can you turn middle-aged or elderly people out of your house without a penny in their pockets into a complete uncertainty? How can you humiliate sacred priests by penetrating into their private sphere with methods characteristic of the intelligence? And not only the ones having openly expressed their views, published it on the internet or talked about it in their homilies or in discussions but also those having seen the shocking examples with their own eyes decided they wouldn’t talk against you or your plans even amidst most inner circles ! How can you – in lack of any grounds for allegations and, therefore, any chance to file a hypocritical lawsuit against them – force them with the help of informers and trumped-up reasons to leave voluntarily?

What kind of impact do you, Excellence think this campaign of hatred has on well-meaning people? Those who visit the masses of the Society of Saint Pius X for its authentic Catholic spirit?
     How on earth do you think the sanctity of the true mass and its supernatural strength can be accepted, believed and trusted in and explained to others when one can see how cruel persons priests having celebrated this type of mass for some 30 years have become?

“You will recognize them by their fruits” (Mt 7 20) –as Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us. What kind of spirit and intentions are you and the current leadership in your society – that have taken their positions and have become Fellay-guys (at the example of Lenin-guys) following the continuous purging actions implemented by you – driven by in celebrating the Holy Mass if the fruits you bear are those of turpitude, betrayal and hatred?

Adrien Loubier finished his open letter to you with the following: „On the day of Judgement, all the benefactors of the community will unanimously gather against you and pretend justice from God”. “You will recognize them by their fruits” (Mt 7 20)
     And, in the name of the well-meaning, trustful followers of the Society of Saint Pius X who have by now been disgracefully betrayed, I finish my letter by saying that once the true faithful of FSSPX will sue you for the deeds that you and your close collaborators have committed and which resulted in putting the faith of the true faithful at risk, casting them off and betraying them!

Lajosmizse, 15. Januar 2014

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