Open Letter to All Present and Former Priests of the FSSPX
Msgr. Lefebvre and the FSSPX have misled those trusting them!

Open Letter to All Present and Former Priests of the FSSPX Supporting the Lefebvrian Ideology

Msgr. Lefebvre and the FSSPX have mislead those trusting them!

Most Reverend Sirs,

It was forty years ago on November 21st 2014 that Mgr. Lefebvre published the founding document of his society. Thenceforth, this day has been marked as the official date of foundation of lefebvrism. On the occasion of this remarkable anniversary, two important and interesting summaries have appeared on the internet in German – ‘Kurze kritische Untersuchung des Lefebvrismus’, and ‘Vierzig Jahre Lefebvrismus’.
     The writers of these two articles have but summarized the truth they have been trying to bring to the attention of their former fellow FSSPX priests week by week for three years now, namely the following: ‘lefebvrism is dissident’, ‘lefebvrism is heretic’, ‘lefebvrism is dissolving the Church as divine institution and through this the incarnation’ and that in order to maintain its untenable theory of ‘Recognize and Resist’ they prefer to deprive the Church of her infallibility and holiness.
     While reading these articles one has the impression that besides the authors’ primary goal i.e. to unveil the truth as well as convince and encourage others, indignation and incomprehension of a person feeling deceived and mislead for decades might have also played a role – which could be well understood humanly.
     I myself at least admit here that I have been driven to writing this 2nd open letter (following my first one) primarily by the infinite sadness, anger and helpless outrage of a person who feels that she has been deceived.

The second gravest sin of Archbishop Lefebvre, his successors and his society – besides those related to the Church as described by the articles above – is the deception and misguidance of the benevolent brethren seeking the truth, the true Church, mass and sacraments of Christ. It started as the deception of those who wished to remain Catholic after having recognized the heresies of Vatican II and when these brethrens slowly passed away it continued in misguiding i.e. deceiving the younger or those awakening later and aiming at learning the truth by all means.

The lack of Christian spirit of the priests of the FSSPX, their deficient education and knowledge of the doctrine is best characterized by the April 18th Eleison Comments of Bishop Williamson: once more he puts forward arguments to justify his standpoint – a standpoint fully in line with that of Archbishop Lefebvre and the current leaders of the FSSPX – which have been answered and refuted several times by the writers of the articles mentioned above. Yet another proof of evidence known for long from old Catholic newspapers in relation to the Archbishop i.e. how deeply conceited Archbishop Lefebvre and the members of his society are besides being ignorant not only towards laity but their own fellow priests as well.
     FSSPX priests having already recognized the truth respond in vain to the endlessly repeated arguments of Bishop Williamson and present or past fellow priests still maintaining Lefebvre’s standpoint in spite of both common sense and reality, these latter do not even take the trouble to read those answers let alone consider them – just as Archbishop Lefebvre had never done it in the past.

Till the expansion of modernism that is the denial of the supernatural every simple Catholic knew that the Catholic faith was of Divine origin, that the Catholic Church was founded by God and that the Catholic faith is, therefore, supernatural. The entire Catholic teaching is based on this fact, this foundation. For this reason a person cannot be Catholic without obeying the (legitimate) pope and the Magisterium in matters of faith and morals.
     Till the expansion of modernism every simple Catholic knew that in all questions related to faith, not only those controversial, it was the Magisterium’s discretion to prescribe what to believe as it is written in the 1920 Officium Divinum’s Renewal of Baptismal Promises section: “I believe in all that God has revealed, Jesus and His Saint Apostles have taught and the Roman Catholic Church places in front of us to believe.”
     Therefore it is incomprehensible moreover scandalous that a fundamental Catholic truth like that has been unknown for Archbishop Lefebvre and his priests, denied in their pastoral works and not been taught in their seminaries as a basic principle.

The wrong, moreover, heretic views of Archbishop Lefebvre have resulted in the FSSPX misleading the faithful for decades and literally killing their Catholic sense with their mistaken ideology! Those who as laymen would have never thought that their priests having considered and proclaimed themselves the sole champions of the truth have not only been unreliable and not true Catholics concerning doctrinal questions but just as liberal, modernist and apostate as the representatives of the Novus Ordo church! Archbishop Lefebvre established such a personal cult around himself that his words became worth more than any reasonable Catholic stands. Meanwhile, he gave but worthless phrases in response to the most ardent theological debates which his priests – what a shame for them – had been repeating uncritically as parrots for decades.
     The most astonishing revelation to me has been the following: no matter who were concerned, what kind of priest, abandoned, fired, European or American, young or old, follower or FSSPX-resistant or a sedeprivationist, they have been keeping on repeating the same way: ‘Father on the wrong path’, ‘the Church suffering from cancer’, the cases of popes Liberius, Honorius even up till today’s day and all these arguments sounded as if tough they had literally been taught to them! They were kind of not capable of forming an independent standpoint in the most important question of all, determining their faith and salvation!
     In addition, not only have I myself been listening to these worn-out, totally corrupted and heretic views but have also translated and published them in the conviction that the champions of the truth cannot teach anything that is not Catholic!

If someone teaches heresies it is of no further importance whether those amount to just one or two: under Divine Law he excommunicates himself from the Church anyhow and ceases to be Catholic. In that sense the FSSPX is by no way different from the Novus Ordo Church: both deny the supernatural nature of the Catholic Church!

Knowing the work of the Catholic faithful, the real „soldiers of the Church who started stirring following Vatican II and knowing how Archbishop Lefebvre demolished all the job of these apologists in order to expropriate tradition for himself and his society, there is an inevitable question arising: what would have happened had Lefebvre and the FSSPX chosen a different path and remain Catholic?
     I believe that there is no point in raising this question at this point here: akin to raising similar questions at any point during history of men would just make no sense: God must have had His own reasons to allow things happen this way. The answer may very well be that those who remained faithful to the Catholic doctrine did not deserve to be the ones to rebuild the Church which might have been a success with help of Lefebvre and his organization had they remained Catholic. And even if this rebuilding of the Church had not been a success, surely, the tradition could be better off than it is now, moreover, less people would have lost their faith, and less people would have been lead down the wrong path.

As far as I am concerned though, I hereby publicly sue all those current and former members of the FSSPX who have not yet realized the capital heresy of Lefebvrism leading to eternal damnation and whom thereby have played a voluntary part over the last few decades in doctrinal misleading and deceiving of the faithful putting at risk their salvation.

At the same time I express my deep gratitude to God that following my conversion i.e. in my beginner’s years as a Catholic, he allowed me to ‘attend school’ at the FSSPX and I am convinced that this was governed by His endless wisdom as it was but crucial for my normal i.e. gradual and firm growth in the Catholic faith.

However, I hereby apologize to all the readers of my webpage whom I have mislead by translating and publishing the erroneous views of the Archbishop.

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Dr. Eszter Élthes
Lajosmizse, 17. Mai 2015.


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